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Not Sure Which Way to Go When Replacing Your Countertops?

What Homeowners Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Bathroom Countertop



Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in a house, however, a remodeled bath can offer huge benefits when it comes to


resale value. For such small spaces, bathrooms often rank very high on the list of home remodeling jobs. This is mainly due to the extra plumbing and fixtures involved. While smaller details, like faucets and light fixtures, will update the look of bathrooms, a luxury

bathroom countertop

and cabinets also make a huge impact.



When you are considering purchasing a

bathroom countertop

, you need to bear in mind there are standard and custom sizes. With most cases, a standard size will suffice, however, if your bathroom has some unique architecture or you want to create a unique look, then a custom countertop is

the way

to go. Determining which one you choose will often dictate where you will buy your countertop.



Many home improvement stores will sell all or almost all standard sizes. Common widths of cabinets will often dictate the width of the countertops, and they can range from 32″, 36″, and 48″. When you are only replacing only your countertop, then you need to make sure you purchase the right size to fit your pre-existing space. But, should your budget allow, a new cabinet will also set off a new countertop better. Bear in mind the overall size of the space, and do not buy cabinets and countertops which will overpower the room.



On the other hand, when you have extra space which is not being used to its full potential, installing a larger vanity or countertop will offer more storage and surface space. You should also consider the kind of countertop you want


. For example, you can buy a solid piece that has a built-in sink, or a vanity top that has an opening in it. If you would like more help and advice

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